Steela Technologies – Stainless steel swimming pool solutions

Designed to meet the requirements of competitive swimming pools (indoor or outdoor) STEELA ACTIVE complies with FINA requirements.

STEELA EASY it’s the most economical version of the product line and the fastest to install, it perfectly fits to any kind of intervention.

STEELA LIBERTY has no application limits and it can be installed in any space even raised structures both inside and outside.

STEELA BALANCE is a system designed for all therapeutic situations for healthcare facilities but it is ideal for all those cases where the available area, around the pool, is very restricted.

Steela Balance Easy is the new CEMI project for all situations with limited installation spaces without giving up curved and modern lines.


Sophisticated, elegant and luxury are all synonyms of STEELAEMOTION, our diamond dedicated to wellness centers, thermal pools and Spa, leisure and relaxing pools.

STEELA SPARKLE: a pool entirely made of stainless steel, adaptable to any situation. What it’s make it so special is about not being covered by any PVC materials, giving a spectacular light output to the location.

STEELA INFINITY it’s a cascade system with a modern and unique design characterized by its great visual and aesthetic impact. With this system water seems to disappear on the horizon for a spectacular view.

STEELA RENEW is designed specifically for all the renovation and rebuilding of swimming pools, to adapt it to modern safety standards and to give a new look to the pool.